Te reo Māori is the language of  New Zealand’s indigenous people. It is a conceptual language, poetically combining words to represent ideas and feelings. Our name, Ahi Toitoi Manawa, gives imagery of what we provide to the fostering community of Tauranga.

“Ahi” literally means “fire.” It speaks of the place where community happens; everyone gathers around the fire to share food and life with one another. 

“Toitoi Manawa,” when paired together, means “to motivate, encourage, nurture, foster, and inspire from the heart.”

Within our logo, you will see the Māori symbol for “family.” Everyone has been invited to be a part of the family of Christ. So though we are not biologically related, we can be a group of people who bring a sense of belonging to one another.

 We are a safe, welcoming place that provides children and their fostering families opportunities for this to happen. In doing so, we hope to see the following:

Our mission: To help children learn more about God’s love in an environment that encourages curiosity, bravery, kindness and growth.

Our vision: To see children know God’s love and restore relationships. 


We are an initiative of Justice Reach in Tauranga, New Zealand. 

Justice Reach– an organisation committed to coming along-side those who are most vulnerable and at-risk for exploitation and abuse, especially children. Committed to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, they believe in focusing on “the one” and that difference can be made by doing so.